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Roulette A Shomyo-Noh chamber opera reading

May 10,  2017  Roulette    509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

A Line Becomes A Circle: A Shomyo-Noh chamber opera reading composed by Miya Masaoka, Libretto: Shiki Masaoka (1867-1902)

Masaoka’s Shomyo-Noh chamber opera, with text from Haiku fragments of the dying poet, Shiki Masaoka, is both sparse and rich; a weaving of bel canto opera with Shomyo and Noh vocalizations and percussion. Masaoka recently returned from studying Noh on a Fulbright to Japan in 2016.

Shomyo-Noh singer Makiko Sakurai flies from Japan and Soprano Ann Moss from San Francisco. A Line Becomes A Circle was recently performed at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, and Theater of Yugen in San Francisco. The performance is one hour.  

Composer, koto, Noh vocals, movement: Miya Masaoka

Shomyo chant vocals, Noh vocals, movement: Makiko Sakurai:

Soprano: Ann Moss

Percussionist: Chris Nappi