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Miya Masaoka Calendar

Tyler School of the Arts, Temple University, PA

Tyler Painting, Drawing & Sculpture Department of the Tyler School of Art of Temple University Presents:

Critical Dialogues Series Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 13

Miya Masaoka, Artist Talk, 6:00-8:00

Re-imagining Sound, Perception & the Vagina:

The Vagina is the Third Ear

Tyler School of the Arts, Temple University,

2001 N 13ths Street, Philadelphia PA 19122


Barge Music, Premiere: Kathleen Supove

September 1, 2017  Friday, 8 pm

Here and Now Series, Labor Day Festival

A Celebration of Contemporary Women Composers by Women Performers

Greenland To The East: dedicated to Kathleen Supove, Solo Piano

Other works by Paolo Prestini, Missy Mazzoli,

$35 ($30 Senior, $15 Student)


Montalvo Center for the Arts, Italiante Garden

Friday, August 25, 6:00 PM Free

Now Hear This!

Miya Masaoka plays with Hans Tammen on sonic sculpture by Hermani,

As part of Artist in Residency at Montalvo.

Sonic works by Teraneh Hermani and Hugh Livingston

15400 Montalvo Rd, Sarasota, CA


MZM CD Release Party!

August 1, 2017  8:30 PM One set only

MZM, Myra Melford, piano, Zeena Parkins, harps, Miya Masaoka, kotos

The Stone 8:30   $20

Ave. C and 2nd St.


Rubin Museum, New York City

June 16, 2017 -January 8, 2018  Opening June 16

140 West 17th St. New York, NY 10011

Curated by Risha Lee, Special Thanks to Spencer Yeh

The World is Sound: Eliane Radique, Laetitia Sonami, Bob Bielecki

Columbia Sound Art MFA: 60” sound installations are throughout the gallery

Elevator sound: Voices of Masaoka, Sonami, Bielecki and others



The Stone, NYC

July 16, Sunday 8:30 PM One set only

Trio: Ha-Yang Kim (cello),Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics) Stefan Poetzsch (violin/viola/electronics)


Issue Project Room

June 2, 2017

22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Duo:   Chris Pitsiokos & Miya Masaoka


  • Phone: (718) 330-0313

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

June 1-2 2017

Concert in Memory of Pauline Oliveros

Premiere: Vagina Music For Vagina Ears (for ensemble) by Masaoka

And a host of performances, talks, exhibitions


Vision Festival 2017

May 30, 2017

Vision Festival:  String Stories

Miya Masaoka, koto, Joelle Leandre, bass, Robert Dick, Flutes

Details TBA

Roulette A Shomyo-Noh chamber opera reading

May 10,  2017  Roulette    509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

A Line Becomes A Circle: A Shomyo-Noh chamber opera reading composed by Miya Masaoka, Libretto: Shiki Masaoka (1867-1902)

Masaoka’s Shomyo-Noh chamber opera, with text from Haiku fragments of the dying poet, Shiki Masaoka, is both sparse and rich; a weaving of bel canto opera with Shomyo and Noh vocalizations and percussion. Masaoka recently returned from studying Noh on a Fulbright to Japan in 2016.

Shomyo-Noh singer Makiko Sakurai flies from Japan and Soprano Ann Moss from San Francisco. A Line Becomes A Circle was recently performed at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, and Theater of Yugen in San Francisco. The performance is one hour.  

Composer, koto, Noh vocals, movement: Miya Masaoka

Shomyo chant vocals, Noh vocals, movement: Makiko Sakurai:

Soprano: Ann Moss

Percussionist: Chris Nappi